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Mr.HotMaster aka Shivam Dubey


Who Is Mr.HotMaster



Mr.HotMaster Was A Name Of A CEO Of TECHNOXMART. Infact He Is A All In One Person. In Short He Is A WRITER|CREATOR|VIDEO PRODUCER|VIDEO MAKER|SEO EXPERT|SEO DEVELOPER|SEO PROFESSIONAL|WEBSITE DESIGNER|WEBSITE DEVELOPER|WEB APP DEVELOPER|INTERNET MARKETER|CONTENT MARKETER|SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER. It Was Also A Name Of His YouTube Channel, a Youtube Channel Which Was Based On Roasting the People Not Seriously But In Funny Manner, to Make People Laugh. This Channels Video Was not Supposed To Hurt Anyone in Serious. It Is Just For Fun. Inshort This Is A Name That Is Given By You People, You Suggested It.

Mr.HotMaster: A Brand In Real